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About Us

For generations man has been fascinated with exploring the world. With the curiosity of the unknown we still explore possibilities to travel beyond galaxies. We have partially succeeded and today the skies have become our highways. We have become accustomed to different time zones, currency conversions and flyer miles.

This jubilation of taking-off & touching down has become part of our everyday lives.
Traveling will definitely give you a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. The cultures explored across the globe can only widen your imagination and create new boundaries to conquer. To travel for me activates my soul and enlarger’s my personality. Its the joy of exploring new cities and the adventure of the mixing of cultures that enhances my thrill to travel.

Its because of this thrill & passion for traveling, our company TRAVEL EXPERT was founded. We have created a company with “You” in mind, Your dreams, visions, aspirations and your love for seeing the world is our “business”. Our vision is simply to provide you with an amazing travel experience based on our experience, service and knowledge of more than 45 countries visited.

We operate at the highest standard with integrity, honesty, service excellence and respect. We provide a turnkey company solution including your visa, flights, tours and accommodation with consults at your convenience either at your home or office or connect with us at 201 Beacon Rock office park on Lighthouse Drive Umhlanga Rocks (by appointment only). Our service offering and attention to detail are the pillars on which our business stands.

At Travel Expert we understand that time is precious and therefore we provide you with a service relationship that’s unique to our company. We collect and deliver all visa documentation, we deliver your tickets and itineraries and even provide a meet and greet at the airport. We are extremely passionate about our business and strongly believe in the ideals we have adopted.